This is Highfield Road Duncan Whitley introduces his binaural archive of Coventry City's erstwhile home Highfield Road: In 2004 I began research and development of a documentary sound project called This is Highfield Road. At the time my practice was largely driven by an interest in the semantics of sound, which I intuitively imagine as a system of... Continue Reading →

Pendeen, Grampound, Four Lanes

Darren Luke has for several years been photographing the landscapes of grassroots football in Cornwall. His work has appeared in When Saturday Comes magazine and websites such as inbedwithmaradona and pkfoot. It may seem curious that Darren Luke's photographs have been included in an exhibition investigating the sounding cultures of football but I have spent... Continue Reading →

Get Rid!

Make an effort to exhaust the subject, even if
 that seems grotesque, or pointless, or stupid. You still haven’t looked at anything, you’ve merely picked out what you’ve long ago picked out. Georges Perec Species of Spaces (1974) Paul Whitty's Get Rid! investigates the sounding cultures of grassroots football in the North Berks and Oxford... Continue Reading →

G. D. Parada

Duncan Whitley's G. D. Parada is a documentary sound and video work, depicting the amateur football club Grupo Desportivo de Parada in the rural village of Parada de Ester, central Portugal. The work is developed from series of multichannel sound recordings, designed to capture the spatial choreography of training drills and exercises at the team's... Continue Reading →

More Out of Curiosity

More Out of Curiosity is the second iteration of a documentary film by artist Ronnie Close, which may or may not end up as a feature-length production. Like the first iteration - entitled, simply, Ultras - the film considers the fanatical supporters of Cairo football club, Al Ahly. More Out of Curiosity focuses on events... Continue Reading →


Venue Main Lecture Theatre John Henry Brookes Building, Gipsy Lane, Headington, Oxford Brookes University, OX3 0BP. Date June 14th 10.00-16.30 @getsomechalk #GSCOYB Programme  9.30 registration – tea & coffee 9.50 introduction: Paul Whitty   _____________________________________________________________ 10.00-11.15 Session 1: You only sing when you’re winning 10.00 Cyprian Piskurek TU Dortmund University / Who wrote all... Continue Reading →


Artists / Ronnie Close / Bethan Elford / Darren Luke / Shirley Pegna / / Davide Tidoni  /Duncan Whitley / Paul Whitty / The exhibition features More out of Curiosity a film by Ronnie Close exploring the culture of Egypt’s Ultras; Paul Whitty’s field recording project Get Rid! featuring the ephemeral football soundscapes of the... Continue Reading →

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